"Malignancy can be crushed" This expression has filled in as a mobilizing sob for wiped out disease patients for a considerable length of time, yet a developing number of logical research from now on arrive at the resolution that the best weapon against this malady remains counteractive action.

"We realize that the pandemic of malignant growth today is because of numerous cancer-causing substances noticeable all around, water and nourishment," said Liz Armstrong who co-wrote the book Cancer: 101 Solutions to Preventable Epidemic.

Most items we utilize day by day, regardless of whether at home, at school or at work, contain numerous cancer-causing substances. A few pesticides, for instance, have for the most part been related with lymphoma, leukemia just as malignancies of the prostate, lung, bosom and ovaries tumors. At the point when polycyclic fragrant hydrocarbons, found in both the fumes from trucks and autos and recycled smoke from cigarettes, they are related with lung malignant growths, skin tumors, bladder diseases and kidney diseases. Furthermore, a causal connection was set up between formaldehyde (a substance generally utilized in furniture producing chipboard) and malignancy of the lymphatic framework and mind tumors. In distinguishing and wiping out cancer-causing specialists present in the earth, we add to the counteractive action of this overwhelming malady.

Half of the malignancies can be counteracted

In its yearly report titled General Statistics for malignancy in 2010 and made open a month ago, the Canadian Association of Cancer says that "at any rate 50 percent of diseases can be counteracted through a solid way of life and approaches to advance a sound situation. Same stories from our southern neighbors, who wrote in their yearly report of the National Cancer Institute's President's Cancer Panel, distributed last May. " According to our examines, in any event one portion of all new malignancy cases and all passings brought about by this malady at a worldwide scale could be kept away from. Notwithstanding our privilege of access to data and our obligation of request, we additionally have a commitment to act," said the malignant growth survivor and research researcher and creator of Living Downstream,Sandra Steingraber. After her, the way to malignancy counteractive action depends on the annulment of all known cancer-causing specialists. "All things considered, the open history of malignant growth is extremely reassuring. It discloses to us that nature assumes a job a lot more prominent than we suspected. Every individual speaks to a given point and our objective is to prevail with regards to finding an answer for the issue. "

Uncommon hereditary causes

Cancer-causing specialists cause changes in specific qualities, which at last lead to malignant growth, it is assessed that roughly 66% of all tumors are brought about by the nearness of these substances in the earth and they could be totally destroyed. I would have turned out to be extremely discouraged if science had demonstrated that our qualities were to be faulted, "says Steingraber, however in all actuality, just 5 percent of all tumors are brought about by our hereditary variables. We can not change the past, however we can guarantee that our frameworks and farming businesses never again rely upon a wide range of harmful items. We can avert malignant growth by securing individuals against the reasons for the ailment.

Items related with different kinds of malignancy


May cause malignant growth of the lymphatic framework.

Source: Production of engineered materials and elastic.


May cause leukemia and disease of the kidney or liver.

Sources: Dry Cleaning, Production of materials, steam cleaning of metals.


Can cause delicate tissue sarcoma, harmful lymphoma, Hodgkin's lymphoma, additionally leukemia, prostate malignant growth, lung disease, bosom disease and ovarian malignant growth.


May cause malignancy of the lung, pancreas, kidney, prostate and bosom.

Source: electroplating, cowhide tanning, materials insurance.


Causes malignant growth of the lung, pancreas, kidney, prostate and bosom.

Sources: Coal, control plants, burning, creation of plastic materials.


May cause mesothelioma

Source: Isolation inclusion, concrete, coat flame resistant linings.


May cause malignant growth of the cervix uterus, kidney and liver, Hodgkin's illness and numerous myeloma.

Sources: Degreasers, glue items, paints, coatings.


Can cause an extreme type of myeloid leukemia.

Sources: Emission of carbon dioxide, water cleansing plants, smoking.

Polycyclic fragrant mixes

Can cause malignant growth of the lung, skin, of the bladder, kidney and larynx.

Source: Heating, carbon dioxide, recycled smoke.


Can cause leukemia, lymphatic disease, and mind tumors.

Sources: Construction material (wood agglomerate), recycled smoke, burning machines.

Dioxins and furans

Can cause lung malignant growth, delicate tissue sarcoma, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Sources: squander incinerators, steel factories, diesel, wood chimney, control plants.

Anticipation measures

1. Channel your tap.

2. Store your water in steel compartments. (this will lessen introduction to contaminants and the generation of plastic materials)

3. In the event that you utilize a microwave, heat your nourishment in a fired compartment as opposed to a plastic holder.

4. Abstain from utilizing pesticides.

5. Eat natural nourishment. (No pesticides, composts or development hormones)

6. Decrease your utilization of red meat and maintain a strategic distance from handled meats.

7. Discard terminated prescriptions, store your paints and Household items in an appropriate area.

8. Purchase No dangerous items.

9. Watch out for high emanations of radon inside your home.

10. Stay away from recycled smoke.